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Large Scarf - Black

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The Stay On Satin Large Scarf is a square scarf with a unique patented construction: Our two-sided material is reversed on the diagonal seam so that it is soft inside when folded – and the scarf remains smooth and silky on the outside. Measuring 29 inches per side, this scarf can be worn with a variety of styles or lengths and can be tied in all sorts of fashionable and comfortable ways.

All Stay On Satin caps are made from our patented two-sided material: Smooth outside so it slides on your pillow – and soft inside to gently hold in place. Stay On Satin stays on all night, prevents breakage and saves your style better than any ordinary satin. Stay On Satin caps never have uncomfortable Velcro or exposed elastic that can cause damage. Comfortable and hair healthy, Stay On Satin is the smart choice for break-free beautiful hair.